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Our Reviews & Testimonials

Dr. Matt Brent, and his whole staff go above and beyond. To find a vet that cares as much as them is hard to find!!! We will never go to anyone else, and I'm so glad we found them. My dog had to have Anal Sacculectomy surgery (removal of anal glands). He had one that had a tumor and was so swollen to the size of a softball and leaking anal "fluid" was a real "pain in the butt". But in all seriousness, they had to keep him overnight for three days. They even kept him when they were closed, because my dog was vomiting A LOT post-op. They spent their weekend cleaning up after him (from both ends), and caring for him with anti-nausea and pain meds. It also says a lot that the vet himself would get in a do the dirty work to help out. They cared about him so much, that they called multiple times to check in on how he was doing. My dog is a week out and is happier now, than I've seen him in awhile! Thanks just isn't enough.  ~Kimberly J.

Excellent care and excellent staff.  ~Gary C.

Great experience with Dr.Brent today for our little Nova! The whole team was amazing!  ~Debbie M.

Highly recommend this facility! Dr Brent was awesome and took such great care of my cat! If you’re looking for a vet in the area, this is definitely the place! Great prices and caring people- couldn’t ask for more!  ~Kelley M.

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Brent and his wife. My husband and I have been struggling for over a month with our bulldogs UTI. We had all the the test and treatment done that our vet recommended and still we could not get ride of the UTI. Our vet referred us to West Hills Animal Hospital for a ultrasound because they did not offer that service there. Our vet called for us and Dr. Brent was able to work her in that day for the ultrasound. Dr. Brent discovered that our sweet little angel had bladder stones. Dr. Brent went over all the options with us and explained everything in detail so we could make a decision on what to do next. My husband and I decided to have the stones surgically removed. Dr. Brent scheduled the surgery for us that same week. My Bully is now stone free and on her way to recovery. I am so thankful for all that they have done for our baby and would recommend them to anyone looking for Amazing pet care. Thank you West Hills Animal Hospital and Dr. Brent for everything you have done. You guys are truly a Fantastic.  ~Jessica J.

Everyone here is amazing and have been patient with us as we are first time puppy parents and are learning. They explain everything and take great care of our baby. We highly recommend!  ~Christy L.

Thankful for Dr. Brent and Betsy. They are so wonderful! Dr. Brent is patient and willing to take the time needed to not only diagnose, but educate the owners. Much appreciated! I highly recommend. ~Megan E.

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